Monday, January 25, 2010

Swindon Aikido Saturday event

A quick note to say a big 'thank you' to Derek and the Swindon club for a great afternoon of aikido on Saturday at the Haydon Wick center in Swindon. A good turnout from both the Bournemouth and Malvern clubs and guests. It was most emyoyable and great to catch up with some good friends. I look forward to the next get together.

Friday, January 15, 2010

BKAA Seminars - please feedback

I have asked around for feedback from the BKAA Sensei and thought I'd share some of the comments and thoughts. If you could comment to this blog then I would appreciated the feedback.

My goal is to make the BKAA Seminars accessible to more of the BKAA Membership. And of course ensure that the day or days are attractive to you in their content.

Some of the comments and ideas that have been given are:
  • Alternate Venues
    • Reduce accommodation costs
  • Length of each session
    • Concentration span
  • Move session to Friday evening from Sunday
    • Weapons session
    • Advanced class
  • Social Event
  • One day event
  • Less Seminars per year
Some of the comments that I have extracted are below:

Generally, when people have done the full weekend, they start to run out of steam around lunchtime on the Sunday, and they still have to travel back as well. I think the Sunday should be  a few hours at most. Also, if a one day event becomes the best way forward, we still need to be careful that it is not too long. Anything over 4hrs becomes a chore for people.

Two factors dictating members' decisions to leave on the Sunday
  • Exhaustion
  • Time (travel, recovery or commitments on the following morning). 
It would be nice to have something different thrown in; may attract more people for the Sunday.

With the possibility of moving to Friday evening session.
There seems to be a lot more energy and enthusiasm on a Friday night (psychologically speaking). 

Bath is one of the more expensive places to stay. 
Worthwhile checking out B&Bs in the area, to get an idea of costs

Bath dojo is great in terms of the quality of mat, and size is great.
Bath is an outstanding venue, but barring a particular gathering or event there is a real diaspora following the training sessions. Ramsgate/Broadstairs the general nothiningness of the area meant that BKAA members were more likely to club together to do something. When something specific is organised members tend to feel more of an obligation to be there.

Less seminars (say not more than one a year) - if you only get one bite of the cake in a year, you tend to make a greater effort to be there. The more seminars, the more one takes them for granted.

Realistically in light of the amount of actual teaching/training that takes place, the seminars are as much about the social aspects of the BKAA as the learning (if not more so). 

I realise that all have to travel significant distances to attend the seminars and am looking into options that are available. I will look into local accommodation, mat availability and centrality of location.

I will keep you all posted through this, although please add your comments