Wednesday, February 10, 2010

BKAA Seminar - Saturday 13th March

Just to let everyone know that the BKAA Seminar in March is going to be a single day's event now.

As this is now only one day, David Currie will not be attending or instructing this time, and will attend the seminar later in the year.

I have asked the BKAA dojo instructors to give an hours tuition each, to give some variety and insight of different areas of Aikido to the day.

Please comment, if there are any specific areas you would like to learn.

The seminars are for the BKAA to get together as an organisation and share an Aikido experience.

From the polls that were carried out ~30 people replied for attending on the Saturday, and only 10 staying for the Sunday morning, therefore the reason for moving to a single day event.

I have been looking around for alternate and more central venues for later in the year and will let all know what is available in the coming weeks. I have found a venue in Milton Keynes, which is central to everyone and unless there is a concert on at the Bowl a non-descript place, apologies for anyone who lives or comes from there :o)

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