Friday, June 4, 2010

Update on recent Gradings and New Members

As I have not completed this for a couple of months. As usual if I have missed anybody, let me know and I will amend.

Couple of additions

New member
Mike Lister - Bournemouth

Gradings - All Bournemouth
Anne Delaney - 5th Kyu
Dennis Delaney - 5th Kyu
Tomasz Rak -  4th Kyu

First I would like to welcome the following new members to the BKAA

Tommy McGregor-Smith - Selby
Matt Swift - Bournemouth

Quite a few gradings have come through to me over the last few months at all levels of the syllabus.

Joseph Leader - 2nd Dan - Finsbury
Adrian Bain - 1st Dan - Finsbury
Andy Turner - 1st Kyu - Malvern
Pete Lord - 2nd Kyu - Bristol
Hanna Lord - 2nd Kyu - Bristol
Steve Roe - 4th Kyu - Malvern
Mark Gibson - 4th Kyu - Malvern
Tomasz Rak - 4th Kyu - Bournemouth
Slawomir Jaloszynski - 5th Kyu - Finsbury

Club Sensei: If you have any gradings that you wish to acknowledge I can open the blog to you and all are welcome to edit and add comments, please ask if you want to add more local club news.

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Jim ODwyer said...

17th July 2010

Darryl Charlwood - 1st Dan - Bournemouth.

Well done Darryl!