Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Malvern - Jason Godwin visit - 16th December 7-9pm

Jason Godwin lives in Japan and is highly trained in a number of different martial arts, some akin to aikido. He is visiting the UK over the Christmas period and has agreed to teach a session at Malvern. This will be mainly Bokken and Jo

The session is on Thursday 16th December between 7pm and 9pm. 

Here is a bit of info about Jason:

Jason started Bujinkan training in 1991 in Portsmouth, before moving to live in Japan in 1997.   Jason has lived in Japan for 13 years now and is a long time regular student of Soke Hatsumi and Nagato Sensei, being awarded 14th Dan by Soke earlier this year.  He also has experience in kendo and has been graded in Judo at the Tokyo Kodokan.

If you are interested in attended, please contact Matt or Paul at Malvern dojo.

They are also thinking of following this with a curry, but would need to know numbers for booking the curry place.

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