Monday, March 19, 2012

Swindon Meeting and Recent Gradings

Thanks to all who attended the BKAA day out in Swindon, it was an enjoyable day and good to meet others from around the Association.

During the day two Swindon members graded to 5th Kyu, Yellow belt.
  • Lewis Kidd
  • Stephen Reuse
Well done to you both for performing under the added pressure of the bigger audience.

Additional gradings that I have omitted from last year.

Congratulations go to the following members of the Orpington dojo:

  • Ultan McCarthy - 2nd Kyu - Blue belt
  • Richard Georgiades - 3rd Kyu - Green belt
  • David Westlake - 4th Kyu - Orange belt
Thanks again to all who made the Swindon meeting a success, during the coming months I will look into other venues to allow more to attend. Could you reply if a whole weekend would be better for these events?

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