Friday, May 11, 2012

BKAA Newsletter 20 Years Ago

As this is my first post to the current online BKAA newsletter, it seems oddly appropriate that its subject is the BKAA newsletter itself - but not as it is now.

I recently discovered and old paper-printed issue of the newsletter from on less than 20 years ago. Sadly some of the names mentioned are no longer practising with us. Though I note that Sensei Eileen was busy teaching an intermediate class at the time. Anyway, for the benefit of any old-timers who might appreciate a bit of nostalgia, you may want to read the short article I have posted about Ki Magazine #5 (March 1992) on the Hartland Aikido Club web site.

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Pete Allen said...

Thanks Huw to this insight to the past, I had never realised I started with the BKAA in 1992 too, with John Hicks, Ian Hollman and Chas Bradfield.